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The Brand Blueprint

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A process and framework to uncover your brands strategy and stand out in market.

This is the exact framework and workshop we run with our clients. Which include Unilever, Dermalogica and British Airways. We charge £8000+ for the process.

415+ experts have used the blueprint.

What you will learn:

  • What is a brand
  • What is brand strategy
  • How to uncover your unique selling point
  • A brand strategy framework
  • How to tun that into a action plan
  • How to do competitor research


I'm blown away. This is amazing. I've been studying brand strategy on my own, spent $1,000 on online courses, read 5 books on the subject, and from all those sources they didn't lay out a step by step process that I could actually use.

I've have been struggling for so long, longer than I care to admit, trying to piece all the information together into a step by step process I can actually use with a client. It didn't occur to me to look on Figma.

This has really helped me to understand the practical application of brand strategy. Thank you for making this. I am very grateful.

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The ultimate interactive playbook to create a brand strategy


The Brand Blueprint

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